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Mac Inspections is looking for hardworking individuals to work as Independent Contractors/ Field Representatives to perform work for our clients in various parts of the country. A Field Rep is not an employee of Mac Inspections, rather contracted to perform services for Mac Inspections.

Mac Inspection's clients are companies who are requesting inspections on properties, businesses, and personnel and it is our goal to provide our clients with accurate information. Our clients are leaders in providing quality and timely information to their customers throughout the United States. Their excellence begins with reliable information provided to them by Mac Inspections.

Work as a Field Rep is Part-time/ Full-time. Pay for a Field Rep is based upon type of inspection performed and also the location of the inspection. Prospective Field Reps will receive information regarding the pay and compensation with their initial package from Mac Inspections.
All qualified Field Reps are required to have a digital camera, color printer, scanner, high speed internet and email capability. Mac Inspections does not accept photos taken with a cell phone camera. Independent Contractors are also required to possess a current driver's license and current vehicle insurance.

Criminal Background Check
Due to the nature of our business and because our reps have contact with our clients' customers in their place of business, we do perform a criminal background check to ensure that our Field Reps do not pose any liability to our clients or to Mac Inspections.

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to our contact form. In order to begin the process of becoming an Independent Contractor/ Field Representative for Mac Inspections, you will need to complete a contact form, in which we gather basic information from you.


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